House rules


We ask our tenants to take the following house rules into account



1. Treat all materials of our accommodation with care and if something is defective please report this.

2. No waste, with water or energy. (do not let heating run unnecessarily or do not let water run unnecessarily long)

3. TV set> do not change channel settings, if you have any questions contact Tilley France

4. Be careful with BBQ, never light in strong winds, always turn off fire with water so that no fire particles can fly into nature (fire hazard extremely important in our region)



1. Close the parasols and awning against strong wind and every time you leave the building.

2. Do not leave any materials on the terrace if you are not present, always close the terrace door

3. Only allow dogs in when they are clean - watch out for damage caused by scratchy furniture!


COCOON - Fitou village

1. Switch off the air conditioning when leaving the building.


MAISON TILLEY - Baillestavy

1. Switch off petroleum fires before departure.

2. Careful with the fireplace, let the fireplace go out before departure.

3. Always close windows properly when leaving the house.




The rates are variable and can fluctuate during the season. TiLLEY France cannot be held liable for a price difference between two stays reserved for the same period. The rates mentioned on the website are in euros, including VAT, according to the percentage that applied on the date of collection of the advance and for the full amount. Any change or adjustment of percentages, as well as any fluctuation of taxes that apply to the stay, on the date of billing, can be passed on in the price of the stay.




The tourist tax that is collected on behalf of the municipality and that must be paid is not included in our rates. The amount is determined per person and per day, depends on the destinations and can change during the year.




The offers are subject to certain conditions and in particular subject to availability. Moreover, the discounts or offers cannot be cumulated unless otherwise stated. During these occasions it is possible that customers have paid different prices for the same stay. The customers who have paid the highest price never get back the difference between the price they have paid and the discount price.




The customer can make his reservation online or by telephone, based on the presentation of the places, accommodations and services offered on the website www.tilleyfrance.fr With each reservation a transfer must be made which contains the following: depends on the chosen rate and the date of reservation. This advance varies between 25% and 100% of the total amount of the stay. Please note: for a stay of 1 and 2 nights, the requested deposit is 100% of the amount of the stay. Whichever reservation method you choose, the reservation will only take effect after the written reservation confirmation has been sent by e-mail by TiLLEY France and after the amount of the deposit has been collected.




You can cancel your reservation 60 days before arrival with a refund of 50% of the total amount and 30 days before arrival with a refund of 25% of the total rental amount. We advise every tenant to take out travel insurance, this is usually not too bad in price and so you can rest assured if things are not going well!




You can pay by bank transfer - via PayPal or by sending a check.


TiLLEY France

43, rue du Vigne

11510 Fitou, France



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